Four Green Plus Businesses earn Re-Certification

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Four of the earliest adopters and Certified organizations of the Green Plus program have recently earned Re-Certification. 


Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center, The Redwoods Group, Warfel Construction, and Laser Plus, are four of the 11 organizations to become Green Plus Certified in the first year of the Certification’s existence.  Through their time in the Green Plus program, these four businesses have become exemplary members of Green Plus and leaders of sustainability in their communities.  By earning re-Certification, they have proved their commitment to sustainability  to their customers and stakeholders, and continue to be leaders in the Green Plus program.

Green Plus Certification lasts for two years.  Once an organization has been Certified for that length of time, they will be reassessed by Green Plus staff in order to retain their Certification.  Earlier in 2012, Green Plus began distributing a new, more rigorous version of the Diagnostic Survey, which reflects the rising standards and expectations of sustainable businesses; these four organizations earned their re-Certification by taking the new version of the survey.  A more detailed description of our new re-Certified organizations can be found below.

Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center is an auto repair shop that has been a staple in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, community since the 1950s.  Chapel Hill Tire takes great pride in training and educating its employees to meet the needs of its customers, all while employing the latest sustainable innovations.    Chapel Hill Tire recently expanded when it opened its fourth repair shop in Durham.

The Redwoods Group, an insurance company based in Morrisville, North Carolina, focuses much of its efforts on supporting social issues, such as family and child welfare.  Because it operates on that ethic, The Redwoods Group excels in employee and community engagement.

Warfel Construction, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has been in business for over 100 years, and has become a specialist in buildings constructed with sustainability in mind.  Warfel takes great pride in its participation in Green Plus, donning its Certified status on billboards, t-shirts, and even the sides of its construction equipment.

Laser Plus, also based in Lancaster, was the first business in Pennsylvania to earn Green Plus Certification.  In that time, Laser Plus has expanded and opened up an affiliated computer training business called The Digital Workshop.

Congratulations to these businesses who exemplify exactly what it means to be a leader in the Green Plus program.

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