FTC’s New Green Marketing Rules Warn Against Sweeping Claims

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The Federal Trade Commission has issued guidelines to reduce product green washing. From GreenBiz.com: “WASHINGTON, DC – When marketing their products, companies should avoid unqualified and general environmental benefit claims that are near impossible to prove, such as “eco-friendly.” And if a product is made with renewable materials, companies need to identify the type of material, how it is sourced, and why it is renewable.

These are some of the proposed revisions to the Federal Trade Commission‘s Green Guides, a set of guidelines aimed at clearing up confusion in a marketplace that has changed dramatically since the last update in 1998. The FTC is seeking public comment on the updated guidelines for 60 days, before issuing a final version in the second half of next year.

“The Green Guides were designed to help businesses avoid making misleading environmental claims,” FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz said Wednesday during a conference call with reporters. “That, of course, helps consumers.”

Leibowitz described an “explosion” of green claims being made for a variety of goods, ranging from paper towels to textiles, leaving consumers confused about what they’re buying. “We’re not always getting what we think we’re getting,” he said.” Click here for the full article from GreenBiz.com.

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