Being Green and in the Black

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When MindWorks was founded, we expected to make an impact with e-learning and broadcast-quality video. Over the years, we have created award-winning work we are very proud to have produced and that has been successful for our clients. We help you make an impact on learning, on marketing, and on your bottom line. But there’s another kind of impact that is important to us: the impact we individually and as a company have on the environment and our community. We embrace triple-bottom-line sustainability and have recently received the honor of being Green Plus Certified by The Institute for Sustainable Development.

The triple bottom line is composed of people, planet, and performance. It’s a system that doesn’t value one over the other, but which focuses on the intersection of all three to create a picture of the overall health of a company. It’s our belief that social and environmental responsibility creates financial opportunity. These aren’t burdens or costs, but investments in the world of which we’re a part. Our goal is to personify a company that is thriving because it embraces these values.

It’s said in business that what gets measured gets managed. By committing to the triple bottom line, we are committing to being environmentally responsible. Our LEED-certified space in Durham’s Golden Belt Arts Complex is not only green – it’s an exciting and beautiful space to work, one that reminds us every day of our responsibility to preserving resources and minimizing our impact on the earth. Looking around our space, you’ll see that we didn’t have to compromise comfort or aesthetic; these are, in fact, enhanced by our efforts to be green.

We’re also investing in our employees and the people of our community and the world. What we’ve found by giving back to the community is what other Green Plus Certified-companies will attest to: you get back so much more than you give. The rewards are profound and life-changing. In effect, they make you want to keep giving, so the impact works both ways. We don’t give up our time to do good works; we give of our time. In return, we are energized, and that makes us even better at what we do.

At MindWorks when we think “impact,” we think of the work that we do. But we also think about who we are as a company. We congratulate the other organizations who were recently Green Plus Certified and invite you to consider your triple bottom line as well


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