Congratulations to “A Better Image” Printing for Sustainability Award


After providing several months of strategic planning support to A Better Image Printing, we were very proud to see them named as the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce Sustainable Business of the Year. They have been working for years on initiatives addressing both “planet” and “people” outcomes, and it is great to see them pull it all together and receive the recognition they deserve — also achieving certification as a GreenPlus member business.

Our perspective, as their partners on this journey, is that all they really needed to do was take one basic step… a step that is probably similar for many, many other companies that are challenging themselves to become more sustainable…

We need to take our “isolated” efforts to “be more energy-efficient” or “engage our employees more effectively” off of the list of “good things to do” and BUILD THEM RIGHT INTO OUR CORE STRATEGIC PLAN.  If a company has one “strategic plan,” and another “environmental plan”, and another “employee plan”, then it has already missed the fundamental point of sustainability — that everything is connected.

A Better Image Printing has done a wonderful job of incorporating their care for their team, and their care for the community at large, and their sense of stewardship of the planet right into their business plan. We’re happy for their continued success, and proud to have been part of their learning process.

A religion professor in college, Richard Overman, first awakened me to the fact that we live on, and are part of, a planet, and that this actually means something! Years of community organizing and ad hoc education prepared me for a career as an entrepreneur and management consultant, which I've...
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