Green Plus Partner Discount Program


We are proud to not only be Green Plus certified now, but to be the inaugural partner of the Green Plus Discount Program.  Yes! Solar Solutions is the perfect fit as a discount partner, since our energy audit and analysis, energy improvements, solar hot water systems and solar photovoltaic systems all can improve your Green Plus status and earn you more points toward certification. The federal tax credit of 30% for solar systems installed by December 31 can be used by businesses as not just a tax credit by as a grant.  This means you can either take it as a credit against taxes owed for 2010, or the federal government will send you a check within 60 days.  (This grant option expires December 31, 2010).  Besides the federal incentive of 30%, the State of North Carolina also offers a 35% tax incentive.  A solar system has up to 65% in tax credits available, and many of the energy improvements in your business qualify for additional rebates from the utility.  When you add in the significant discounts and rebates yes! is offering to partner Green Plus companies between now and December 31, there has never been a better, or easier, time to start savingon your energy costs. And it might just put you over the top for your Green Plus certification.  Let us help you by contacting an Energy Specialist at Yes! Solar Solutions (919-459-4155 or today.

Yes! Solar Solutions is a Cary, NC based energy solutions company. Owners Stew and Kathy Miller are longtime small business owners in Cary and assembled a team of professionals passionate about energy conservation and alternative energy solutions. We specialize in solar photovoltaic systems and...
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