Help Us in “Planting Seeds of Hope”


We are looking for help locally in partnering with businesses and organizations who would like to have a recycling center for fluorescent and mercury containing lamps for recycling.  We are looking to place up to 12 Nature Bin recycling centers in areas that would be accessible to the local community.   Help us with the Planting Seeds of Hope community outreach program.   To find out more, please drop us an email at    Thank you so much.  With your help we can help change our community and raise awareness of the dangers of throwing away CFL’s and other lamps.   Recycle Fluorescent Lamps, Good For Us, Good For You.  To Find Out More About Lamp Recycling

Husband, Father of 2 boys and 1 girl. Very passionate about living naturally and helping others. Founder of Healthy Choice Home Care Founder of My Eco Lamp, LLC "Lamp Recycling Solutions" Very excited about helping businesses become better stewards of their end of life lamps.
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