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If you’ve ever seen looks of frustration on the faces of those persons sitting in your audience or received comments from readers of your newsletter, emails or blog that your material is too rudimentary ( I love when they use that term!) or too technical or sophisticated, you know you’ve blundered somewhere.

First, you should take a look at your audience – literally.  Did you do your homework on the backgrounds of the persons to whom you’re speaking?  Or, did you throw out some questions at the beginning of your presentation to discover their interest and/or knowledge levels? Have you included audience feedback and/or steps to pull them into the heart of your presentation right from the beginning? Bottom line?  If you don’t deliver, poor evaluations and tons of negative comments will result.  That’s why it’s so important to know your audience.

This is equally true for the written word.  While many of the blogs and emails on the Internet appeal to mass audiences, targeted newsletters or correspondence of any type should be tailored to potential customers.  In order to build trust and not annoy these future clients, you have to write to their levels of understanding.  For instance, you don’t want to explain the benefits of using social media to advertising or marketing agencies.  On the other hand, law firms or construction companies would most likely be extremely interested.  Knowing specifically whom you want to attract and targeting that audience is key.

Do you have any examples or stories ? good or bad — you’d like to share?

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