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woman riding bicycleby Jan Bolick

Got any idea how many people ride their bikes to work in your area?

I don’t.  But I do know that Ride Your Bike to Work Week (this week) and Ride Your Bike to Work Day (Friday) is a good way to nudge more in that direction.   There are lots of local activities in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area this week including a fun Friday night ride.  Details here.  Google “bike to work” and I imagine you’ll find some in your area too.

Another nudge is the Bicycle Commuters Benefit Act which allows employers to give up to $20 per month to employees who pedal to work. The money is tax-free to the employee, and the company can take a $240 write-off on its own federal taxes per eligible employee enrolled.

Google nudges the use of bikes, rollerblades or good old-fashioned feet with their Self-Powered Commuter Program which,

“encourages employees to reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions by getting to work under their own power. Those who participate in this program earn points, which can then be put towards a donation from Google to any charity of their choice. Google will donate $100 for every 20 days of self-powered transportation.”  from Google Rewards for Going Green by Jordan Van Gorder

Perhaps the biggest nudge of all is just knowing that biking helps us be leaner, meaner and perhaps not as mean.  It helps our minds be keener and helps our environment and pocketbooks be greener.

And if an entire work group or team were doing it –  just imagine how much better everyone would feel, how much nicer everyone would be and how much more they would accomplish.

Practical?  Maybe not for those of us who live far from work or visit lots of businesses during the day.

For those of us in that category, perhaps it could be a nudge us to jump on our bikes instead of into our cars for quick trips to anywhere – the Farmers Market, office supply store, post office, or a quick trip to visit a neighbor.  A great way for pressed professionals to sneak in some exercise and enjoy the benefits of being leaner, meaner, keener and greener.

Plus that wonderful feeling of the wind on your face and blowing through whatever hair isn’t under a helmet.  Feeling like a kid again – or maybe a teener.

What about you?

Do you regularly ride your bike to work?

Are you celebrating Ride Your Bike to Work Week or Day?

Does your business encourage or reward the use of self-powered transportation?

If so, please tell me about it.  And send pictures too.

Write to :  Jan@BusinessClassInc.com

Jan is a Coach, Teacher, Speaker and Author. Areas of expertise include performance management and corporate culture. Her specialty as a coach is working with women in leadership positions take charge in more effective ways, make things happen and inspire others to do the same.
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