October 1 Deadline: Conference on Globalization, the Economic Crisis, and the Future of the American South


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is pleased to announce its fifth interdisciplinary conference on the globalization of the southern United States, focusing on the effects of the 2007- 2008 economic crisis on the region.

*How have the South and the constitutive parts thereof fared in the period since the crisis broke, and what does the future portend for the region?

*Can we learn much about the present crisis in the region (and its future prospects) by studying southern history? What part has globalization played in the crisis?

*What role have governmental and non-governmental entities – federal, regional, state, local– played in alleviating or exacerbating problems arising from the crisis?

The conference next March will bring together academics, policy makers, and practitioners from North Carolina, the southern region, and beyond. A collaboration between the Center for Global Initiatives and the Global Research Institute at UNC, the goals of the conference are to identify, analyze, and engage the key problems arising from or associated with the crisis, and to further the development of appropriate policy responses.

We invite scholars, policy makers, and professionals interested in issues relating to the considerations outlined above to submit brief (500-word) proposals – with short (1-2 page) cvs appended – to the program committee for consideration for inclusion on the conference program. All applicable proposals are welcome, but we particularly encourage proposals relating to topics such as

Migration/Immigration in the New Southern Economy

The Role of Traditional Southern Industries in Future Economic Growth

Rural Development and Redevelopment

Social and Regional Inequalities in the South

The South’s Economic Future and the Legacy of the Past

New Frameworks for Developing Economic Policy in a Global Context

Improving Infrastructure and Human Capital in the Region

Coping with Regional/National/International Competition

New Pathways for Research/Industrial Parks in the Region

Energy, the Environment, and Regional Economic Growth

The New Urbanism and the Creative Class: Overbuilt and Oversold?

New Roles for Higher Education in Promoting Economic Development

To submit a proposal, please visit globalsouth.unc.edu

For more information, please contact globalsouth@unc.edu

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