Quality Sprinkling Systems


Quality Services is made up of two services that we provide. Quality Sprinkling Systems provides Landscape Irrigation Service and Installation for both residential and commercial clients. Quality Lawn Health Services provide Lawn fertilization, weed and insect control. Using both conventional and organic materials to meet customers needs.

Actions that our organization have made and are in the process of making are:

*Paperless Scheduling, using the most up to date software (Hindsite) and bidding and estimating software (TBS J R Huston Enterprise)
*Recycling waste oil from our trucks and equipment
*Water Harvesting to use in our spray applications, resulting in saving potable water
*Installing GPS tracking devices in all of our service vehicles, increasing efficiencies in routing, time and fuel.
*Hybrid Fertilization Program, Meeting customers expectations and at the same time weaning them off conventional products and on to new organic products
*Installing only products that promote water conservation and meet LEEDs standards i.e. Hunter MP rotary nozzles, Drip, Smart Controllers
*Recycle office paper
*Recycle all scrap metal and soda cans
*Post on web site irrigation controller settings, promoting water savings and improving landscape health

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