Reycling E-Waste Into E-ducation

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We’re all familiar with how recycling works: metal, plastic, glass, etc. is melted down and reformulated into another product of the same basic nature and reused. All good: this reduces the amount of the new product which must be manufactured and keeps the old stuff out of our landfills. This is also true of electronics, computers, printers, routers, cell phones and such, which is our fastest growing waste stream. For businesses and other large generators of e-waste, the disposal part of the process is handled by their facilities or waste management departments.

What if your company’s e-waste could be recycled into something totally different in its makeup and value to society? What if something usually seen as an expense and logistics/security problem could be converted into one of the most valuable and sorely needed resources in our community: a need that has been defunded and is facing continued budget cutting: public school education? And what if, instead of being a waste management issue, e-waste recycling was now a matter for the Sustainability or Community Outreach people in your organization? And, what if data security and ethical recycling were guaranteed, all at little or no expense?

Triangle Ecycling has developed a “new alchemy” we call the E-Scholar Program.  With community support, we can convert e-waste into vocational education. Electronics refurbishing and recycling is used to teach public high school students valuable “green” skills. And, best of all, it is a self-funding process. Revenues generated from resale and recycling support the program.

Depending on how much e-waste your company generates, see what we take, you can fund a partial or whole E-Scholarship. No contribution is too small. We are working directly with the Durham Public Schools vocational training program and charge DPS and the kids nothing for this training. Our mission is to turn out high school graduates who are ready to do green work in local businesses and organizations – maybe yours!

Some components of the E-Scholar program are:

 –         Participation of the Durham Public Schools and NC Central University School of Business with more universities to follow.

–         Professionally developed curriculum teaching hands-on computer repair and refurbishing, e-waste recycling and sustainable/ triple bottom line business practices.

–         High school kids are matched and connected with Mentors in the Graduate School of Business.

–         Refurbished computers provided for those in need.

–         Job search training and placement assistance.

We are looking only for commitments of e-waste – not money – to fund this important work.

See the Program in Action

To learn more, please contact Larry Herst,


Triangle Ecycling is on a mission to promote a new alchemy: converting e-waste into education. We provide a way for businesses, organizations and individuals to support sustainability education and give back to the Triangle community through electronics refurbishing and recycling.
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