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“At Springleaf Strategies we love discovering and getting to know local companies that are taking steps to incorporate sustainability into their company culture and daily operations. In 2010 we had the pleasure of getting to know a local landscaping company that is doing just that.

Meet Bland Landscaping, a commercial and residential landscape provider located just around the corner in Apex, North Carolina. They are one of theTriangle’s leading service providers of commercial landscape installation and ground management, and residential design/build, ground management, and landscape installation. They’ve been a family owned business since 1976 and have received over 100 state and national awards for their landscape excellence and environmental improvement.

What makes Bland Landscaping so interesting is they have taken a very traditional industry and have found new and innovative ways to infuse environmental stewardship into their operations. But it’s not just for kicks or for some marketing scheme. Each of their decisions is tied to a business objective – it’s got to make business sense (or cents!). Love it!

They have incorporated Lean Management to make their operations more efficient. And, in 2009 Bland Landscaping became one of the region’s very first Green Plus Certified businesses. Bland is a leader in the Triangle region because they made a commitment to reducing their environmental impact, investing in the community and social initiatives to improve the lives of employees, vendors, and customers, and reduce waste to the environment.

Why are they committed to these initiatives, you ask? Well, as with any sustainability effort, it boils down to smart business decisions and a positive return on investment. It doesn’t hurt that they’ve also instilled these principles in their corporate culture and shared their efforts with employees, vendors, and customers – taking a holistic approach to improvement.

We’re big fans of what the leadership team at Bland Landcaping is doing. If you are in need of landscaping help – either for commercial or residential properties, give them a call today. 919.387.0010

Here is a run down of some of the steps they have taken over the years:

  • Purchasing hand-held power tools, they now purchase 4-mix engines instead of traditional 2 cycle engines
    • These engines not only generate less noise than those traditional engines, but also use fewer hydrocarbons and reduce fuel consumption!
  • Replaced their entire fleet of backpack blowers and now use a model that’s 40% more efficient!
  • Fuel all of their diesel trucks and off-road diesel equipment with locally produced B20 bio-diesel
  • Use a non-petroleum, bio-degradable synthetic mix of oil in most of their gas powered, hand-held power tools
  • In an effort to better manage their bio-diesel and gasoline consumption and cut down on idling time, they’ve purchased and installed GPS decided on all of their fleet vehicles
    • This not only makes the air a bit cleaner, but ensures efficient routes- a win-win if you ask me!

Committed to reducing the amount of waste produced.

To reduce the amount of waste produced while in the office and out on the job, they have implemented a recycling program and recycle in impressive list including waste oil and contaminated fuels and other lubricants as well as green waste and plant material generated during maintenance.

Reducing their use of natural resources.

To reduce their reliance on water, Bland Landscaping installed a 16,000 gallon rainwater cistern at their Wake Forrest facility to capture rainwater from the 4,000 square foot roof. This cistern not only prevents erosion, but saves numerous gallons of potable water for other uses! In addition to using their own captured rainwater, Bland Landscaping also uses reclaimed water from municipal water sources whenever possible.

Not only are they committed to reducing their use of natural resources at their offices, but they install equipment for customers that enables them to use water in smarter ways. For example, they install Evapotransportation systems (EV) for irrigation purposes wherever possible, which significantly reduce a site’s water usage. They also regularly check their irrigation systems for leaks and proper clock settings and use spray heads that produce a larger droplet size, minimizing drift and evaporation.

Preventing pollution.

Bland Landscaping is committed to a business model that helps prevent pollution. This model includes construction, maintenance, and remediation of BMP Storm Water systems to help filter and break down pollutants to keep them out of the municipal water supply. They’ve also voluntarily installed an enclosed wash bay that is connected to a four-chamber grease and particulate trap to divert waste water from entering the sanitary sewer system. This trap prevents oil, gas, and grease residue and pollutants from entering their storm water system.

To prevent harmful particulate from entering their customers homes and businesses they have implemented a system called Integrated Pest Management for controlling insects and disease. They now use less chemicals and rely more on science and common sense to solve problems related to pests and disease.”

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