Sustainable Strategic Planning Process


ztasymbolWe are very excited to be working with local printing company and Green Plus Movers “A Better Image Printing” in creating a long-term Sustainability Strategic Plan.  Like many local businesses, Diana and Steve Minta, owners of A Better Image Printing, had already established a number of business practices that generate positive People and Planet outcomes (employee profit sharing and using post-consumer recycled paper, e.g.).  With the additional focus on sustainability they plan to be certified Green Plus before the end of the year, and to build their People and Planet objectives right into their long term strategic plan.

A ‘dream team’ of local sustainability consultants has pulled together to help A Better Image Printing design and implement their Sustainability Strategic Planning Process:  Brooks Rainey Pearson (Intern at the Institute for Sustainable Development), Ben Quinn (ActionCoaching), Prinny Anderson (Duke Corporate Education) and Jonathan Estes (Strategic Measures, Inc.).  For all of us, working together with one client in this fashion has become a powerful way to test some of the new processes and ways of working in the new sustainability paradigm, and learn from each other.

A religion professor in college, Richard Overman, first awakened me to the fact that we live on, and are part of, a planet, and that this actually means something! Years of community organizing and ad hoc education prepared me for a career as an entrepreneur and management consultant, which I've...
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