Nov. 15 Deadline: Triangle USGBC / Sustainable Rhythm Green Building Survey


The North Carolina Triangle Chapter of the USGBC and Sustainable Rhythm (a green building market research firm) have developed a research study to explore market perceptions and communication issues within the green building market. This study is designed to be a 360 degree survey to encompass all those affected by the green building movement, from owners to architects, engineers to constructors, from brokers to suppliers, and especially end-users. This study will help the Triangle Community better understand whether market transformation is occurring, what is effective, impacts of certifications, terminology, cost and return on investment and other impacts.

This is a market study with the sole emphasis on providing insight into our market. This is not a sales/marketing tool, and the information gained by the study will be used solely for the purposes of the study. The trends and comments will be analyzed and used in report and presentations that will be available throughout our community for the Triangle Chapters use, as well as, other organizations that can benefit from the trends and analysis. Your personal information will not be shared, and the survey is anonymous. You may provide your email address within the survey if you would like a copy of the results.

e Opening the Door to Green Building Survey is 18 – 22 questions long based on your role within the building industry. The research period will conclude at the end of October.  The Triangle Chapter is the third region to participate in the study process. A similar study in Ohio was completed in June and there is a study in progress in Alberta Canada.

If your organization is located in the Triangle area and your are interested, click here to take the survey.

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