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warfel-constructionWarfel Construction Company, East Petersburg, provides general construction, construction management and design/build services to clients in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Warfel specializes in working with institutional clients in the education, retirement living and health care industries.

Warfel has been building “Green” for years, long before “sustainable design” and “LEED” were buzzwords in its industry. Whether the clients are hoping incorporate sustainable elements in their project’s design or planning on receiving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification, Warfel has a team of experts ready to offer valuable insight and direction on how to proceed.

Here are some examples of actions taken by Warfel Construction Company to make sustainable and green changes:

  • Warfel is currently in the process of applying for SILVER Level LEED Certification.
  • To show others how attainable it is to build and renovate with green elements, Warfel has incorporated following into its own space:
  • New flooring is made from recycled or rapidly renewable materials;
  • Side windows and sun tubes allow natural light into the buildings;
  • Coolant is replaced with low ozone and greenhouse gas producing effects;
  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint is used throughout building;
  • Water efficient fixtures are used in bathrooms;
  • Waterless urinals are used in men’s rooms;
  • Foyer extended before lobby reduces hot/cold air exchange from outside.
  • Warfel currently has three projects underway with significant efforts toward “sustainable design” and LEED; two are in preparation for SILVER LEED certification and one for PLATINUM LEED certification
  • Sustainable design considerations and recommendations are an integral part to every Warfel project, keeping the overall budget and mission of the owner in mind.
  • Six of Warfel’s employees are certified as LEED Accredited Professionals, which is one of the largest numbers of LEED AP’s in the state of Pennsylvania for construction firms.
  • The CEO, Tim Peters, suggested that economically friendly construction or “Green” construction would be both a responsible and savvy move on Warfel’s part.
  • To satisfy the needs of its clients with smaller projects or general facility needs, Warfel created the Special Services Group to specifically handle projects from $5000 to $5million.

Here is what Warfel Construction Company said about their experience with Green Plus:

What inspired you to join Green Plus?

During a strategic planning session in 2001our company made a decision to be a marketing driven company.  Our CEO at the time, Tim Peters, suggested that economically friendly construction or “Green” construction would be both a responsible and savvy move on our part.  After that, we began to educate ourselves and we looked for opportunities to build green whenever we could.

What were some easy changes you were able to make to improve your sustainability?

Being a construction company we have both our office and our jobsites to address.  On the jobs, we do any number of things including separating our dumpsters for the different debris to carpooling.   In 2007 we bought an existing building and relocated our offices.  In keeping with our desire to go green, we did a number of things to help us qualify for LEED certification.  We have light tubes supplying natural light, we have motion and light sensing switches, we have waterless urinals, and we used low VOC paints with high reflectivity.  We recycled a large percentage of our demolition and building material waste and our flooring is recyclable carpet tile.

What resources were most helpful to you in making these changes?

Being in the “business” we were aware of most of these products due to our training.  We have 6 LEED AP individuals in the company and their input was also found to be helpful.

Do you plan to make additional modifications to become even more sustainable, even though you are already certified?

We’ve approached “Green” as a lifestyle change.  In order to truly be responsible, we have to constantly be on the lookout for new and better ways to protect our environment.  Several of us in the office have recently installed ground source heating and cooling systems and we are always trying to maximize our efforts through continued education.

The Sustainable Building Design provided by Warfel is remarkable. What do you plan to improve this service after the sustainable certification now?

Similar to #4, obtaining a certification can’t be the goal.  Developing habits and learning all we can about emerging techniques, products and strategies is the only way to truly contribute to a better earth for our children and grandchildren.

We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable. We’re here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.
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