Yes! Solar Solutions Mission

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Here is our official mission: “Our goal is to create value for our customers, employees, and partners with sustainable solutions that enhance all of our lives. Sustainability means not only promoting clean energy, but reinforcing policies that attract and retain the best energy professionals. It means reducing and offsetting the energy we use in our own business and serving the needs of the community.”

But another goal, and one way we can serve those needs, is to promote and market sustainability in general, and Green Plus has given us a wealth of material to do that.  We are in a natural position to market sustainability being in the business of selling energy efficiency and solar energy systems to both homeowners and business owners.  We have been excited to find we can actually help Green Plus candidates improve their score to become certified by our services, and we were the inaugural Green Plus Discount Program partner.

Currently we are thrilled to be a finalist in the Sustainable Small Business category nominations.  We have tried, on our Facebook and Twitter and website pages, to promote the Green Plus nominations as well as the People’s Choice Awards, but your vote would help.  If it is not a conflict with your own or another nomination, we would appreciate your helping a small business to “sustain” another year, and in we return promise to promote Green Plus!  Food for thought in voting can be found on our website or Facebook.

Yes! Solar Solutions is a Cary, NC based energy solutions company. Owners Stew and Kathy Miller are longtime small business owners in Cary and assembled a team of professionals passionate about energy conservation and alternative energy solutions. We specialize in solar photovoltaic systems and...
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