Interface’s QUEST to Reduce Waste

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“What makes a company an environmental leader? There are many characteristics to consider. Vision and commitment from a company’s leadership, particularly the CEO, is imperative. As is a willingness to make big, audacious goals that prioritize long-term value over transient short-term gains. But without buy-in from a company’s employees, otherwise sterling sustainability strategies often fail to meet their full potential. 

This idea is one that Interface, one of America’s leading carpet companies and sustainability trailblazers, has embraced and integrated throughout the organization. The company is well known for its iconic founder and former CEO, the late Ray Anderson, as well as its bold Mount Sustainability Mission Zero goals.

Since Ray Anderson pioneered the company’s sustainability goals in 1996, the company has reduced its energy use by 43%, its greenhouse gases by 44%, and increased the amount of renewable energy used by 30%. Much of this success is derived from the fact that employees feel empowered to contribute to the success of Interface’s sustainability goals and have ways to make contributions in their daily jobs.

A great example of Interface’s success in achieving employee engagement around its environmental initiatives is described in Ray Anderson’s book, Confessions of a Radical Industrialist…”

Click here to see the complete article by the Business Civic Leadership Center’s Chris Ryan, and catch him on Twitter @ChrisRyan_87.

Hear Erin Meezan, Vice President of Sustainability at Interface, discuss employee buy-in for environmental innovation March 12. 

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