ISD Welcomes Sweet Beet City Farm to the Burt’s Bees-Green Plus Durham Food Initiative

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The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) is pleased to welcome Sweet Beet City Farm, a new urban farm on the edge of downtown Durham, to the Burt’s Bees Green Plus Food Consortium. (You can follow and ‘Like’ Sweet Beet on Facebook here). I had a chance to see Sweet Beet in action last weekend — crops, bees, and all — during Thanksgiving in the Spring, a celebration of local food in Durham. Sweet Beet, located at 601 N. Mangum Street (between Broadway and Hunt), is the brain-child of farmer-entrepreneurs Laura Stephenson and Emily-Kate Hannapel

If you have a Durham-based, independent food-oriented business or non-profit and would like to be involved in the Burt’s Bees Green Plus Durham Food System Consortium, fill out this short application and ISD staff will be in touch quickly to confirm your eligibility. ISD will be working with up to 20 Durham food organizations on improving the triple bottom line of their own operations and will convene periodic group conversations, networking, and educational opportunities.

More on Sweet Beet City Farm:

“Sweet Beet City Farm is an urban farm located in the heart of Downtown Durham. Sweet Beet occupies 1.3 acres on Mangum Street between Hunt and Broadway that has, until recently, stood vacant. This land has had many lives– there were originally four residences along this section of Mangum Street. In the early 1930′s, a service station was built at the corner of Broadway and Mangum. In the 1950′s one of the homes was torn down to make way for Ward’s Fruit and Produce and Ward’s Meat Market (Open Durham).”


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