New Clean Energy Economic Development Hub for Chambers of Commerce

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 Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy has launched a new clean energy information hub for Chambers of Commerce

Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy (CICE), which helps local chambers of commerce and their member businesses navigate the clean energy space and participate in clean energy incentive programs and opportunities, has launched a new information hub with Best Practices for chambers that want to use clean energy as an economic development catalyst in their communities. The CICE Best Practices portal catalogs seven major areas chambers can use in building clean energy jobs and savings in their communities, including

  • Helping Your Members Save Money and Find Financing
  • Engaging and Educating Your Members on Clean Energy Issues
  • Positioning Your Region as a Clean Energy Hub
  • Leading by Example
  • Partnering with Your City Government
  • Recognizing Leaders in Clean Energy
  • Supporting Clean Energy Policies

Click here to view the new CICE Best Practice Hub online, and here for a printable copy of the CICE Best Practice catalog. 

About Chambers for Innovation & Clean Energy

Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy (CICE), is a non-profit network of 165 chambers from 43 states representing more than 163,000 businesses. CICE has five major principles:

1) Business Must Be A Part of the Clean Energy Solution

2) Clean Energy Is An Economic Opportunity

3) America Must Lead the Clean Energy Race

4) Market-Based Solutions Produce the Best Results

5) Clean Energy is an Economic Development Strategy


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