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In April, the we launched our beta Environmental Help Desk for Business with D.C.-based Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC). Through the Environmental Help Desk for Business, Green Plus and the BCLC convene businesses large, small, and in-between, in a discussion of new green supply chain standards and environmental innovation that can save businesses money while reducing environmental impact. 

Follow the Environmental Help Desk on Facebook for a chance to win your own personal power source — a Tremont Electric  nPower Peg! Follow us@EnviroHelpDesk on Twitter for a second chance to win an nPower Peg. The Environmental Help Desk for Business loves environmental innovation. Tremont Electric’s nPower Peg Personal Energy Generator uses your body’s movement to generate electricity for your mobile devices.

Fast Company calls Tremont Electric  one of the “Ten Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics.” Check out what others have to say about Tremont Electric’s nPower Peg


Chris has spent over 20 years helping communities utilize sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy as catalysts for economic growth. Chris serves as Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and the Green Plus™ -- a program dedicated to helping America's...
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