‘What’s Behind the Label?’ Green Plus Senior Fellow Shana Starobin on Food Certification


Green Plus Senior Fellow Shana Starobin on Food Certification

“You place the eggs in your basket next to the Fair Trade coffee and Rainforest Alliance Certified grapes you’ve also selected, feeling good that you are participating in the humane treatment of animals, enhanced farmer livelihoods and the gradual saving of the Earth.

But what do these labels really mean? What kind of oversight is in place to make sure the information they convey is ethical and accurate?

Shana Starobin is working to answer these questions.

Starobin, a PhD student at the Nicholas School of the Environment and recipient of Duke’s prestigious university-wide Kenan Graduate Instructorship in Ethics, is investigating eco-labeling as part of her dissertation on third-party certification. This spring, she’s teaching an undergraduate-level seminar about public and private regulation of food and agriculture in global supply chains. In 2010, she and Erika Weinthal, associate professor of environmental policy, published a paper in the peer-reviewed journal Business and Politics that examined how third-party certifiers gain credibility.” 

Please click here for the full piece by Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment.

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