Green Becoming a ‘Tiebreaker’ in Shopping Decisions, Survey Finds

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Green product attributes are evolving into an important brand differentiator for consumers and can serve as a tiebreaker for shoppers evaluating similar products, according to results of a new study from the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Deloitte.

The organizations intercepted more than 6,400 consumers while shopping at 11 national chains and found more than half consider green attributes in their purchasing decisions. But there’s a big gap, however, between what they’re finding and actually buying. Less than half of the shoppers who looked for green products, for example, actually found them, and only 22 percent of those surveyed bought green products.

Although green attributes can sway shoppers, it’s not enough to put green products on the shelf, according to Brian Lynch, the director of sales and sales promotion at the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

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