GreenerComputing: How UPS Brings Green IT to the World

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“If you thought UPS was just trucks and planes and boxes, you’d be way off base (although the company does manage the world’s ninth-largest airline). At an event convened by the company in New York yesterday, UPS highlighted just how deeply IT is incorporated into its daily operations, and how UPS uses that information to move itself and its customers toward greener pastures.”

“Unsurprisingly, UPS works on a massive scale, and Dave Barnes, UPS’s Senior Vice President and CIO, told attendees at its event yesterday that it spends $1 billion a year on technology. Green tech figures into UPS’s practices in a number of ways, primarily in waste reduction and improved efficiency.”

“Paper has long been the albatross of shipping, and Barnes explained that, by switching to a paperless invoice system for international shipments, the company has saved 150 million sheets of paper since 2008.”

“That savings has been achieved through the use of the ubiquitous handheld scanner UPS drivers carry, the Delivery Information Acquisition Device (also known as the DIAD, and pictured at right). It’s a key plank in UPS’s efficiency and waste-reduction system.”

“The DIAD does far more than scan packages and save paper; the device, which is now now in its fifth generation, also includes an imaging scanner, a color, autofocus flash camera, and 600 megabytes per second of WiFi access (UPS says that it can be used to download training videos).”

Read GreenerComputing’s full article by Matthew Wheeland here.

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