Hitachi Foundation Helps Colorado Health Center Increase its Productivity Through Employee Training

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Employee Training and Engagement at High Plains Community Health Center

High Plains Community Health Center, located in Lamar, Colorado, addresses the health needs of the town’s 14,000 residents with just two physicians, but a slew of well-trained and highly-engaged medical assistants (MAs).  

Thanks to funding provided by the Hitachi Foundation, MAs were cross-trained to rotate through multiple positions at the Health Center, taking on various roles such as health coach, patient representative, and community health worker, as well as performing administrative tasks as needed.    

Additionally, the support from Hitachi helped the Health Center simplify its in-care organization system, leading patients through the health care process as quickly and efficiently as possible.  With three MAs assigned to each physician, the Health Center was able to treat nearly four patients per hour, doubling its initial goal of patient care.  

As a result, this initiative not only increased productivity of the High Plains staff, but also produced significant cost savings for the Health Center and made it easier for patients to receive affordable, reliable health care.   The Hitachi Foundation recognizes the importance  of employee training and engagement in the work place, especially in cases like High Plains where a small number of staff handle a high volume of customers.  High Plains serves as a model example  for businesses, demonstrating how providing training opportunities for staff benefits workforce productivity, morale, and development.  

You can read more about High Plains’ training efforts here, or check out the Health Center’s website

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