How to Recycle #5 Plastics

If you use local recycling services, there’s a decent chance #5 platics aren’t accepted.  Yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus, and medicine bottles are commonly packaged in #5 plastic containers.  If you’re a serious recycler and your municipality doesn’t accept #5 plastic, there may be another option available – returning these items to select Whole Foods stores.  Whole Foods sends them to a company called Preserve to be turned into items such as toothbrushes.

To learn about what materials are accepted for recycling in your area, check out the fabulous website, Earth911.  At the Earth911 site, you can type in any material and your zip code and see if there is a site that will accept the product.

Learn more about Whole Foods Gimme 5 initiative and find out if there’s a store near you participating.  If there’s not a store in your area participating, there’s also the option to mail it to Preserve.

Thanks to Karen Bender of Quality Staffing in Raleigh for this tip!

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