iContact: For Your Consideration for the Green Plus People’s Choice Award

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iContact, a finalist for Green Plus North American Sustainable Enterprise of 2011, is also eligible to win the Green Plus People’s Choice Award. Morrisville, NC-based iContact is a triple-bottom-line trailblazer among email marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses.

In iContact’s own words (courtesy of B Corporation)

“iContact is a provider of email marketing software that helps small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits to easily create, publish and track email newsletters and surveys. Our goal is to help our customers communicate more effectively so that they can better serve their customers and communities.

We envision a world where all businesses focus on the triple-bottom line and where all non-profits adopt technology and management practices that help them magnify their impact. By setting an example with our own performance and by supporting non-profits to improve their performance, iContact aims to be an industry leader in promoting blended-value business models.

Our social and environmental mission is encapsulated in our value of “Making a Positive Wake”, which drives us to give back to our community, build up our people, and minimize our impact on the environment. To be successful and sustainable, we believe a company must be willing to institutionalize commitments based on its values.

– Community impact: iContact’s 4-1s program sets goals for the company to give back to and build up its community.
1. Provide 1% of product for free to non-profits in North Carolina
2. Set aside 1% of employee time for volunteering: employees get 2.5 paid days off per year to volunteer in the community
3. Donate 1% of payroll to charity
4. Set up a foundation with 1% of iContact equity

– Employees: we are proud of our work culture which is stimulating, quirky and fun. Our team members are engaged in making the company better for our customers, and are intimately involved in fostering the company’s TBL. For example, an employee “Changemakers” group develops pro bono workshops for non-profits and brainstorms ways that iContact can improve its operations.

– Environmental impact: : iContact is committed to a “measure, reduce, offset, report” philosophy for all of the materials and energy we consume. We set annual goals in the areas of energy use, travel, waste and procurement, monitor and measure our progress against those goals, and report our performance to employees, our Board and the general public.”


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