Increasing Employee Engagement through Workplace Giving

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Workplace giving campaigns are charitable donation programs coordinated by employers.  Campaigns can be set up in a variety of ways.  Employees may select a few or many organizations to give to; nonprofits selected may be local or national; mission areas targeted may be social, environmental, or a a combination thereof; and employers may opt to match employee donations.  However designed, the benefits of workplace giving campaigns include:

  • enhanced employee engagement
  • bolstered morale
  • established leadership on the part of the employer
  • and financial support for worthy nonprofits.

EarthShare is one organization that connects employees with nonprofits by helping employers set up workplace giving campaigns.  EarthShare works in 15 states (including North Carolina, Ohio and Massachusetts) to vet environmental nonprofits with strict accountability standards and work with HR staff to plan and launch workplace giving campaigns at a low startup cost.  EarthShare also helps set up combined campaigns for workplaces that wish to include multiple issues.  Learn more about the process via EarthShare’s Workplace Giving Campaigns page.

EarthShare NC, as an example, has a portfolio of 64 national and North Carolina-focused environmental nonprofits and works with organizations such as Progress Energy, Self Help, Larry’s Beans, and REI.  They also provide support in the areas of helping clients reduce energy use through their Power Down Challenge program and inspiring the work of green teams through their One Environment Network.  To find out more about EarthShare, contact Jeff Rosefsky at (919) 687-4840 or

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