Institute Partners with BrownFlynn on Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability Survey


A stakeholder is an individual or group that is influenced by, or has influence over, a particular entity’s ability to thrive.  In other words, stakeholders encompass just about any party an organization touches.

The process of managing stakeholder relationships, known as stakeholder engagement, refers to the ways organizations engage with a set of their stakeholders in an effort to align their mutual interests, to reduce risk and advance the organization’s performance in terms of people, planet and profit.

Stakeholder engagement may not be a term many smaller enterprises are familiar with, but it’s probably something they’re already doing.  For example, complying with local regulations, building partnerships with local nonprofits, and communicating with your employees are all forms of stakeholder engagement.

Once stakeholders are identified and their interests understood, a whole new lens for organizational activities and strategies can open up.  So how does this relate to Green Plus?  A particularly interesting application of the stakeholder engagement lens relates to an organization’s sustainable practices.  How do organizations, generally, and of differing characteristics, conceive of the connection between stakeholder engagement and sustainability?

To learn more about the interplay between stakeholder engagement and sustainability, the Institute for Sustainable Development has partnered with Cleveland sustainability consulting firm, BrownFlynn, to survey businesses large and small on their attitudes on the topic.  Businesses participating in the study will receive a free executive summary of the survey results – valued at more than $250.  If additional motivation is needed, participating businesses will be entered in to a drawing for an Apple iPad.

To participate in the 8-10 minute survey, please visit:

About The Institute for Sustainable Development
The Institute for Sustainable Development is a non-profit partnership of academic and business leaders whose mission is to democratize sustainability, providing practical, affordable, high quality sustainability expertise to smaller enterprises and their communities. Through its Green Plus program, the Institute connects small businesses and non-profits with university expertise and a network of peers throughout North America. Organizations demonstrating exceptional triple bottom line sustainability may also earn Green Plus Certification, a designation to distinguish themselves with their communities and customers. To learn more, please visit

About BrownFlynn and BrownFlynn Learning
BrownFlynn is a corporate responsibility and sustainability consulting firm. We partner with clients to integrate environmentally and socially responsible practices into their business strategies and help them communicate those messages internally and externally, creating a cultural shift that results in bottom-line impact. Visit for service offerings, case studies and our sustainability resource center.

In 2008, BrownFlynn was named the first U.S. certified trainer for GRI, the international “gold standard” for sustainability management and reporting. This resulted in the launch of BrownFlynn Learning – the Firm’s corporate sustainability education and training division. BrownFlynn Learning teaches companies how to triple their bottom line?environmentally, socially and economically – through workshops, webinars, on- site training, conferences and other venues. Visit for more information.

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