Laser Plus First Pennsylvania Business to Be Certified Green Plus


laserpluswindowsmallThe Institute for Sustainable Development is pleased to announce that Laser Plus has become the first Pennsylvania business to receive Green Plus Certification. This distinction establishes the company as a pioneer in Pennsylvania’s burgeoning green movement and cements its reputation as a provider of high-quality, environmentally friendly printing solutions.

The Institute for Sustainable Development, working in conjunction with North American chambers of commerce and trade organizations, grants Green Plus certification to those companies that have completed a rigorous evaluation process. This certification recognizes sustainability based on three overarching aspects of an organization: strong business performance, a commitment to the community, and care for the environment.

“We are really impressed by Laser Plus’ commitment to the triple bottom line and are excited to recognize them as Certified Green Plus,” said Chris Carmody, Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development. “They are a strong example of how a business can succeed financially while providing an important environmental service to the community,” Carmody concluded.

One of Laser Plus’ distinguishing practices is a Solid Waste Savings Report, which customers can use to demonstrate reductions in solid waste and operating costs. The data is clear: Laser Plus’ customers keep an elephant’s volume of printing waste out of landfills every week and save thousands of dollars per year.

The company’s commitment to community service also helped it secure the Institute’s recognition. Mary Renner, president of Laser Plus, and her team demonstrate their willingness to help form a better society by volunteering for service projects on a regular basis.

“Green Plus is not simply about taking steps to be green in the way that we all are aware we should; it is about how making careful, sustainable decisions affects every aspect of your business life: the people you work with, the success of your organization, and, ultimately, the planet we all share,” said Mary Renner. “Green Plus is not for wimps; it is a challenging, carefully considered assessment that will force you to look carefully at the reality of your daily practices. We chose to step up with the certainty that by accepting the Green Plus challenge, Laser Plus has a deliberate and carefully defined vision of who we are, where we want to go, and how we will get there.”

About Laser Plus
Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Wheeling, WV, Laser Plus has provided quality print supplies, repair and sales since 1986. Their commitment to quality customer service and professional-caliber products goes hand in hand with their environmental focus to create a strong and sustainable presence in the printing field.


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