Lundberg Family Farms: quality employer of choice for the region

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Lundberg Family Farms, founded in 1937 in Richvale, CA, grows 17 different crops which are then turned into over 150 different products representing over 70% of the organic rice and rice cake markets. The company takes pride in being known as a quality employer in the region, where workers can receive quality compensation in terms of salary, benefits and profit sharing programs. 

lundberg family farms, quality employer, employee engagementThe company staffs over 180 full-time employees, with the majority working in production. Their mission is simple: to provide wholesome, healthful food products while protecting the environment. Lundberg Family Farms places high importance on cultivating an excellent culture for workers that is self-sustaining. Lundberg Family Farms is seen as a quality employer because of the emphasis it places on wellness, employee learning, and career progression. Employees have access to a wellness coordinator, onsite and offsite training, and parents are given monetary rewards for bringing in high grades from their children’s report cards.

“We have a fundamental belief that a healthy, well-trained workforce is good for the company. People do a better job, they’re happier and they stay with us. It reduces our turnover costs and increases our productivity. Our company’s success, its steady rate of growth and increasing profit margins is due in large part to the commitment we have made to our workforce.” –Tom Schultz, VP of Administration

The Hitachi Foundation, a Green Plus partner, has helped publicize Lundberg Family Farms’ efforts and has helped make it a leading employer in the food processing industry.  For more information about Lundberg Family Farms’ positive workplace environment, click here.

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