Michigan company, The Fleetwood Group, maintains success by producing great products by great people

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The Fleetwood Group, manufacturer of wireless electronics and furniture for educational environments, was founded in 1955 in Holland, MI. In 2009, they were named a Top Small Workplace Finalist by the Wall Street Journal. Fleetwood Group was originally founded as a “Christ-centered” furniture company with a mission to to build sturdy, mobile wooden cabinets for storing supplies in educational settings. They also provided funding to missionaries around the world who were struggling to acquire financial assistance. Over 50 years later, the Fleetwood group has expanded that original mission to include manufacturing wireless electronics as well as furniture. 

They have had huge financial success, and their leadership believes the success is
due in no small part to being both a Christ-centered company and an employee-owned business, one of the first of such firms in the country. They offer competitive wages, health insurance, tuition reimbursement, paid time off, up to 10 days off every 24 months for national or international mission work, charity matching gifts up to $1,500, and fitness club reimbursements.

“Our primary goal is to remain the customer’s best value in an increasingly competitive global market. And the absolute most important element in that is a great team of people. At the end of the day this is what gives us a sustainable competitive advantage that is incredibly valuable.” –Doug Ruch, CEO

Much of The Fleetwood Group’s success is due to its dynamic, team-based culture, enlightened management practices, lean operation and innovative approaches to recruiting and retaining its production workforce. The Hitachi Foundation, a Green Plus partner, has helped publicize The Fleetwood Group’s efforts and has helped make it a leading employer in the industry. For more information about the positive workplace environment and workers’ benefits, click here.

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