Money Available to Ohio Small Businesses for Energy Efficiency, Green Plus Participation


The key to realizing significant long-term energy savings in your business is reducing the amount you actually need and use each month. The best way to identify opportunities to cut your use is through a professional energy audit. Through June 15, 2011, COSE will be helping businesses throughout Ohio receive an audit at a fraction of the normal cost through the COSE Small Business Energy Efficiency Program. Additionally, you will receive a partial scholarship to the Green Plus™ program. Green Plus will provide additional resources to help you become more responsible and more profitable through improved practices and a structure approach to energy efficiency in your business.

What Does the Program Offer?

1. $250 towards the cost of a comprehensive, professional energy audit

2. A $200 scholarship towards Green Plus™. The regular program cost is $350.

3. Educational resources through COSE and your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

4  Access to banks that offer financing for energy improvements

5. Online tools from State and Federal agencies to help track your sustainability and energy efficiency

Who is Eligible?

Business that spend less than $150,000 per year on their energy costs and are located in any of the following counties or cities:

1. Cuyahoga County
2. Lake County
3. Athens County
4. Hocking County
5. Meigs County
6. Perry County
7. Cincinnati
8. Columbus
9. Dayton
10. Toledo

How do I Take Advantage?

Click Here for the PDF Application, contact The COSE Energy Team at (216) 592-2405 or, or conect to your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) – click on any of the cities or counties above to link to the SBDC in your area.

Program Steps

Required steps:

1. Complete the COSE Small Business Energy Efficiency Program Application form and return it to your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

2. Attend the complimentary seminar provided by your local SBDC and COSE to learn about the program, what energy efficiency upgrades you can make, and how your business can secure financing for these projects

3. Register with the Ohio Small Business Energy Saver online tool

  • This will provide you with suggestions for reducing your energy usage and costs that are catered to your business type, location, practices, and size

4. Receive a comprehensive energy audit of your business from a certified energy auditor

  • COSE will provide $250 to offset the price of the audit, which will reduce the direct cost to you by 40-100%
  • Auditor will provide you with information on what upgrades are possible, how much money you could save, and the length of the payback period for projects

Optional steps:

1. Enroll in Green Plus, a three-step sustainability certification offered in partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Development

  • COSE will provide businesses with a $200 scholarship to reduce the cost of enrollment

2. Undergo energy efficient upgrades to your business

  • COSE and your local SBDC can help pair you with a qualified contractor to perform the energy efficiency upgrades for your business
  • We will also provide you with access to a network of banks and financial institutions that can give you access to affordable financing

3. Sign up for the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager online program

  • This tool, created by the EPA, will help you to follow the progress of your energy efficiency projcts, track your energy usage, and determine your business’ carbon footprint
  • Businesses that achieve significant energy savings may qualify to receive ENERGY STAR label for their buildings

4. Receive information from COSE on possible rebates and tax incentives from local, state and federal governments and your local utilities

  • These incentives can help to significant reduce the cost of energy efficiency projects
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