New Podcast! Employee Programs with Tim’s Cascade Snacks

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In the second of a series of podcast on premier employers, Green Plus sat down with Tim’s Cascade Snacks to talk about its excellent employee engagement practices, such as English language programs, health promotion programs, workplace training, educational opportunities, as well as long-standing policies of hiring from within.

General Manager Jeff Leichleiter and Human Resource Manager Dana Lajiness spoke candidly with Green Plus Community Coordinator Amanda Komar about these various programs, and how they’ve kept Tim’s in business for almost 30 years.    Jeff himself has been with Tim’s since its founding in 1986, and Dana, who joined Tim’s in 1988, worked her way up from office receptionist to payroll to accounts payable to HR manager as the company has grown.

These programs and work culture are one of the reasons Tim’s recently received a premiere employers award from the Northwest Food Processors Association in January, in partnership with the Hitachi Foundation.

Check out the full podcast with Tim’s here.  

You can listen to all the podcasts in this series, and our other podcasts here.  

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