NEW PODCAST: High Plains Community Health Center’s employee development programs

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In our latest podcast, Managing Director Amanda Komar spoke with Jay Brooke, the Executive Director of High Plains Community Health Center.  Based in the rural southeast Colorado town of Lamar, High Plains has been offering affordable health care for more than 15 years.  

Its unique model to health care, however, is what sets High Plains apart from other health facilities.  In addition to employing physicians and nurse practitioners, High Plains employs what it calls “health facilitators,” which take care of all administrative and triage services.  Most of these health facilitators are hired from within, so the emphasis of this model is on cross-training and internal promotions.  

The point of this team-based approach is to make the process as quick and easy for the patient as possible.  According to Brooke, it has reduced wait times from about three hours to less than one hour.  

This podcast is the fourth in a series of podcasts brought to you by the Hitachi Foundation’s Pioneer Employers program. 

You can listen to the podcast here.  

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