NewCourtland helps employees reach long-term goals while providing excellent service to seniors

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Founded in 1995, NewCourtland is a nonprofit provider of community services, affordable housing, and nursing homes for seniors in the Philadelphia, PA area. Services and programs include: community-based senior centers and an adult day center; a program modeled on the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) that provides coordinated health care and social services to nursing-home eligible seniors; skilled nursing facilities; and a home health agency offering skilled nursing, home health aide, and skilled rehabilitative services in individuals’ homes. NewCourtland employs over 2,000 employees, which includes 798 CNAs, 275 LPNs, and 148 RNs. The company provides for over 7,000 seniors.

Its mission is to improve retention and advance the quality of life and quality of care for seniors. Initiatives include educational opportunities, counseling and other supports, and home ownership
incentives. All of these initiatives support and strengthen the workforce and also create opportunities for career and wage advancement and asset accumulation for employees.

NewCourtland provides a clear career ladder for employees, an education center (opened in 2004, the center offers classes for employees, including an 18-month program for working adults to become LPNs), continuing education classes, and an employer-assisted home ownership program. This program allows employees to receive a grant of up to $3,000 for purchasing a home. NewCourtland also offers an employee assistance program, which provides confidential assistance to employees for personal and professional concerns. There are also incentives for referring applicants for job openings.

NewCourtland’s success is due to its dynamic, team-based culture, enlightened management practices and focus on employee training. The Hitachi Foundation, a Green Plus partner, has helped publicize NewCourtland’s efforts and has helped make it a leading employer in the industry. For more information about the positive workplace environment and workers’ benefits, click here.

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