Benefit Bank: A Simple Tool For Aiding Small Businesses

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obb_logo_final20cWhat if you could give your employees a raise without costing you any money?  A simple tool offered through Benefit Banks offers employers an easy way to help their employees in accessing benefits through leveraging federal resources.  By putting  low to moderate income earners in touch with tax credits and public benefit federal dollars, Benefit Banks could allow such employees to add the equivalent of a few dollars an hour to their salaries. This would essentially subsidize what some employers seek to provide his/her employees in terms of benefits. 

The Ohio Benefit Bank approach of putting low to moderate income earners in touch with federal dollars is a way to boost employee benefits and a way for businesses to improve performance with happier, healthier, and economically prepared employees.  A program offered through a public-private partnership between the government and more than 400 faith-based, non-profit, governmental, and private-sector partners. the Ohio Benefit Bank has now spread beyond Ohio into states such as Florida, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania.

The following three stories are short examples of how local Benefit Bank partners are more efficiently aiding communities in 2009 with tax credit and public benefit services.

To read more about the Ohio Benefit Bank, see their home page linked here.


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