Park Foundation earns Green Plus Certification


park_foundation_logo1Congratulations to the Park Foundation, the most recent organization to earn Green Plus Certification.


The Park Foundation, based in Ithaca, New York, has been a close partner of Green Plus for several years.  After a lengthy remodel of its office space, the Park Foundation began pursuing LEED certification under the interior category specifically for its office space, which ultimately motivated them to pursue Green Plus Certification, as well.

“Green Plus spurred us to ask questions about an array of our policies and practices in the operation of our office. We put new policies in place, and established a number of new green practices. It was a process that involved the entire staff, and set the tone for an ongoing dialogue on how we can continue to “green” the organization.”

The Park Foundation joins Rasa Spa as the only two Certified Green Plus businesses in Ithaca — and in the state of New York — and hope to partner together to form a community of like-minded businesses promoting sustainability.

Congratulations to the Park Foundation, and welcome to the Green Plus Certified community!



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