Pridgeon & Clay Excels at Employee Engagement

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pc logoPridgeon & Clay, headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, boasts a global workforce of over1,000 skilled employees. In business since 1948, the company has developed numerous strategies for fully compensating employees and developed a 37,000 square foot R&D center. This helps employees discover new innovations with product development.

 Pridgeon & Clay has placed a strong emphasis on employee satisfaction and employee engagement with tools such as a program to fully reimburse employees who invest their own time and money into their education. The company also implemented a training program that allows employees to advance through the company from the bottom up, line workers to managers.  Employees know the path to the top-level of management and are able to pursue that path if they wish. The manufacturing industry is beginning to place high importance on frontline workers—it’s important that they are able to solve problems and make sound business decisions. Pridgeon & Clay also emphasizes that all employees are teachers and encourages dialogue between all skillsets and employees.

The Hitachi Foundation, a Green Plus partner, has helped publicize Pridgeon & Clay’s efforts and has helped make it a leading employer in the manufacturing industry.  For more information about Pridgeon & Clay’s workforce strengthening strategies, click here (case study begins on page 16).


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