Regional, State and Local Sustainable Business Organization Roundup


Green Plus has compiled a list of local, state, and regional sustainable business organizations. No business can become sustainable completely on its own. Businesses learn from a diverse group of entities, including individuals, other businesses, government agencies, and universities. Collaborative learning is a key to success in organizational sustainability.  A critical mass also helps: the more businesses and other entities working together toward sustainability, the richer the resources and better the outcomes. As the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado states on its site, “When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.”

There are many good sources for sustainability advice. The Green Plus team has focused specifically on non-profit, non-political organizations that offer networking opportunities – entry points for businesses seeking to learn and connect. We invite you to review the list and hope it provides new ideas for ways to plug in in your community.

The term “sustainable” for the purposes of this list is broadly defined. Many of the organizations listed are focused solely on environmental practices, while others focus on both environmental and social practices. Still others focus at a higher level on transitioning to strong sustainable economies that address the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit – the approach taken by Green Plus.

For communities without such organizations, Green Plus provides a turnkey sustainable business certification for communities not seeking to develop and administer their own. What’s more, Green Plus provides a national network of businesses and nonprofits engaged in making their operations more sustainable that complements regional efforts. As Chris Carmody, Executive Director of the Green Plus program, says, “In a sustainable economy, ‘green jobs’ won’t only come from clean energy or energy efficiency businesses; they’ll also be created by Main Street businesses becoming more competitive through sustainable practices.” Green Plus is a triple bottom line program, inviting small and medium-sized enterprises to incorporate sustainable practices into their core operations.

If your regional, state, or local sustainable business organization isn’t listed here, please contact us. If you would like to learn more about the Green Plus program and what it can offer your business, chamber of commerce, or community, please contact Kirsten Hausman, Director of Communications & Client Relations, at

The Institute for Sustainable Development

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