Return on Investment for Green / LEED Projects

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“Green buildings provide long-term savings and solid returns on investments. they also command much more than similar non-LEED buildings due to the economic benefits they offer. Soon Class A office buildings that do not attain LEED certification will see their property value decline as LEED becomes the de facto benchmark in measuring quality in construction.”

by Ed LeBard, Associate AIA | LEED AP+, Founding Principal of 3 Design Consulting

“Green development is becoming more business-savvy. Many developers and building owners consider it a smart business decision to invest a down payment of 1 to 2 percent of project cost to lock down long-term savings. It is based on a framework of several rewards and benefits but the two most obvious benefits are long-term financial savings and returns on investments (ROI).  Keep in mind that benefits and rewards for constructing green/LEED buildings vary by type of ownership, type of use, owners and project team’s level of investment and the team‘s drive to build a sustainable building.”

Click here for the full article from The Green Economy Post.

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