Revisiting Intuit’s New Software Product: Green Snapshot

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carbon_footprint98% of all businesses have under 100 employees, yet regulators and activists insist on targeting large businesses when advocating more environmentally friendly business practices.  Recognizing this large absence in targeting small and midsized businesses, Intuit has developed a new program called Green Snapshot, which calculates carbon footprint for small and midsized businesses.  The program is easy to use and completely free.  Here is how the program works.  Input all of your business’ expenditures in the last 12 months into Intuit’s Quickbooks software program.  Utilizing Intuit’s extensive online database, Green Snapshot software will assign a carbon equivalent value to each logged expenditure.  The final product is a carbon footprint assessment that identifies the business’ actual carbon footprint as well as how the business can reduce its carbon footprint.  As measures are taken to reduce a business’ footprint, the software adjusts to reveal the improved footprint as well as the amount of money the business has saved.  Green Snapshot provides a quick and easy way for small and midsized businesses to immerse themselves in the environmental movement and to create progress reports for clients, consumers, and employees.

To read the full article on Intuit’s Green Snapshot Program, visit the link here on or see Liz Liedel’s June 9th Post here.

To get started reducing your business’ carbon footprint, click here to download Green Snapshot.

To learn more about how Green Snapshot works, see a video demo here.

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