Sony Pictures Entertainment Joins Culver City for Compost Pilot Program


sony-300x2071An article posted on on May 26th, 2009, Sony Pictures Entertainment Joins Culver City for Compost Pilot Program, gives an example of business partnering with local government to solve a problem facing the municipality while simultaneously reducing waste generated by the business.  When the Puente Hills landfill in Los Angeles reaches capacity in 2013, Culver City will begin shipping waste outside of the region by rail.  Sony Pictures Entertainment has partnered with Culver City for a composting program to begin June 8th to help the city reduce the amount of landfill waste.  As part of the composting effort, Sony has replaced conventional plastics in its cafeterias with bio-based containers, forks and cups that can be composted.  Collaboration between businesses and local governments can present a unique approach to solving waste managment issues in innovative ways.

Brooks Rainey Pearson is a dual degree student at UNC working toward a law degree as well as a master's degree in City and Regional Planning. Brooks graduated from UNC in 1999 with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology and spent six years in the Outer Banks where she owned and operated three yoga...
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