Sustainability as an Economic Opportunity In North Carolina


A discussion of how sustainable business can present opportunities similar to those create by North Carolina’s biotechnology push 30 years ago — excerpted from an article by Christopher Gergen and Stephen Martin: “Again, the focus is on the purposeful expansion and acceleration of a promising sector – coordinating research, funding high potential ideas, building policy support, increasing the state’s visibility as a driver of this research, and ensuring that there is a robust pipeline of talent working in the field. By 2017, the Biofuels Center wants 10 percent of liquid fuels consumed in the state coming from home-grown crops. Again, it’s a purposeful strategy to accelerate a promising growth area for the state.”

“Today, a new sector is emerging with tremendous growth potential. Increasing numbers of organizations are staking a claim as “sustainable enterprises” – companies and nonprofits that generate revenue and prioritize their environmental and social impact (see our Aug.15 column for a full description of triple-bottom line companies). This aligns with a statewide push to also support the creation of sustainable communities, as reflected in the General Assembly’s recent creation of the Sustainable Communities Task Force.”

Like biotechnology 30 years before, sustainability offers a new high-growth engine for our economy and a positive force in our communities. But we have to be intentional about cultivating it.”

To see the full article by Christopher Gergen and Stephen Martin, please click here.

Chris has spent over 20 years helping communities utilize sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and philanthropy as catalysts for economic growth. Chris serves as Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development and the Green Plus™ -- a program dedicated to helping America's...
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