Taking a Different Set of Wheels to Work

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Today, I biked to work. The ride was peaceful and cool in the early summer morning. After starting as a summer Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Development, I discovered that a prime off-street bike path spans half of my commute to work. Checking out the community center next door, I found that showers were available in the morning. Next, when parking my bike, lo and behold, there was a bike rack in a secure spot at my place of work. All of these elements led to a relaxing ride to work, with many benefits, including fresh air, exercise, nice views, and no emissions. It will be an environmentally friendly, productive day.

Even if your setup is not as idyllic as my morning commute, there are many ways that employers can support their employees (or themselves) biking to work. In fact the IRS grants reimbursement to bicycle commuters of $20 per month. Consider providing a bike rack or other storage at your business, if there isn’t one. Contact your local transit provider or the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center for local bike information including maps of bike lanes and trails.  To get started, check out and distribute this brochure. To really get going with a bike program, here’s another resource from Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, including information on Bike to Work Day.

Amanda is currently pursuing a Master's degree in City and Regional Planning with a specialization in land/use and environmental planning at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Before coming to UNC, she was a Park Naturalist at Gulf Branch Nature Center, for Arlington County, Virginia...
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