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 Learning about ways to cut costs and improve business practices while doing something good for the environment and employees is one of the missions of the Green Plus program. If your business hasn’t yet taken the dive into the Green Plus certification (or even if you have), here are some interesting and enjoyable ways to warm up to the challenge while playing a game, using a calculator, or taking a quiz!

Do you know the three legs of the sustainability stool? (hint: people, performance, and planet is our terminology). Take this fun and informative quiz–(and excuse the one question about a particular car manufacturer).

Water efficiency: Click on ‘Test your Watersense’ to play¬†a pac-man-like game involving quiz questions about water use designed by the EPA. When I took it, I only scored 6 out of 12–see if you can beat me!

Here’s a quick calculator to see how much money you’d save by switching from incandescent to fluorescent lightbulbs.

This interesting Greening Your Laundry quiz may not apply to your business, but has interesting tactics for home savings. I got 91 points–kudos to anyone who beats that!

As for the People and Performance side of sustainability, take this Business Etiquette Quiz. I learned about proper introductions, and table manners at business dinners when I took this quiz. Look out miss manners!

Also on the serious side, this diversity awareness quiz had some real eye-openers in it! I scored a dismal 2 out of 15 on this one–but I learned a lot in the process.

Just to end on a lighter note, check out a National Geographic kids game, Recycle Roundup, and see if your recycling gorilla can correctly place the items where they belong in two minutes! Good luck!

Amanda is currently pursuing a Master's degree in City and Regional Planning with a specialization in land/use and environmental planning at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Before coming to UNC, she was a Park Naturalist at Gulf Branch Nature Center, for Arlington County, Virginia...
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