Two Newly Certified Business Announced, Recognized at Raleigh Chamber Luncheon


The Institute for Sustainable Development is proud to announce the two newest Green Plus Certified businesses: The Irregardless Café & Catering, Raleigh, NC and Yes! Solar Solutions of the Triangle, Cary, NC.  Both businesses are members of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and were announced at the Chamber’s Green Plus Recognition luncheon at the Irregardless Cafe on Monday, September 20.  They have both been participating in the Green Plus program since the beginning of the year and each is an example of a truly triple bottom line approach to sustainability.  “Having a business that promotes alternative energy and a sustainable lifestyle, we wanted to make sure we walked the walk as well as talked the talk,” said Kathleen Miller of Yes! Solar Solutions. “A day will come when it will not be a choice whether or not to practice sustainable business, and the Green Plus process was an easy, affordable and thought- provoking road map on how to become one.”

The Raleigh Chamber’s Recognition Luncheon was widely attended and drew a diverse group of business owners there to hear keynote speaker Jim Fryling of The Redwoods Group and recognize small businesses who are dedicated to sustainability and going through the Green Plus program.  Among those recognized were Certified Green Plus Businesses: Hughes, Pittman & Gupton, Triangle Community Foundation, and the Umstead Hotel and Spa.  The following Green Plus Movers were also recognized for their progress through the program: Accentuate Staffing, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, iContact, Raleigh Radon, Revealed Design, and Springleaf Strategies.

“The Green Plus certification process generated unexpected benefits for us,” said Anya Gordon of the Irregardless Cafe & Catering.  “Despite the fact that the Irregardless Cafe has been dedicated to local, sustainable practice since it was founded 35 years ago, the certification process challenged us to formalize our strategic planning process . . . [and examine] all aspects of the business through the ‘sustainability’ lens, from the Cafe’s landscaping to the building’s roof – expanding our view beyond the restaurant’s menu and the recycling of waste. “

The luncheon’s keynote, Jim Fryling of The Redwoods Group, spoke about sustainability and what his organization sees as his obligations to the communities they serve.  The Redwoods Group is a privately held, socially responsible, commercial specialty insurance provider based in Morrisville, NC.  The Redwoods Group is also Green Plus Certified — click here to read a profile on the Redwoods Group.

All pictures courtesy of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.

About Irregardless Cafe & Catering, Raleigh, NC (

The Irregardless Café and Catering is a Raleigh institution.  The longest family-owned restaurant in the community, it was also the first vegetarian restaurant in the Triangle.  It is a superb example of triple bottom line sustainability and its owners, Anya and Arthur Gordon, are dedicated to supporting their community through their business.  The Café regularly hosts local musicians and artists as well as science discussions.

Local food is a priority at the Irregardless Café, but their dedication to their employees is unparalleled.  For example in 1994 the restaurant was victim of a fire and underwent nine months of renovation and restoration.  During that time, full time employees were kept on in exchange for volunteering with local nonprofits.

About Yes! Solar Solutions of the Triangle, Cary, NC (

Yes! Solar Solutions of Cary provides turnkey clean energy solutions for businesses and residential homes alike. Owners, Steve and Kathleen Miller, are long time residents of the Triangle and opened the only North Carolina branch of Yes! Solar Solutions in order to meet the growing clean energy needs of the community.

Dedicated to raising awareness around clean energy and helping people realize a solution, the team at Yes! Solar Solutions participates in community activities, hosts informational events, and works with businesses and home owners alike to take advantage of the incentives around making the change to solar energy.  Yes! Solar Solutions was also the inaugural partner of the Green Plus Partner Discounts – a program which provides discounts and incentives to Green Plus businesses from other businesses in the network.

We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable. We’re here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.
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