Unpacking the Stimulus Package: Where Is the Stimulus Money Going?

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Unpacking the Stimulus Package, Vol. 5

Oneiva, a Seattle-based company that tracks government spending, has launched a website to track all Stimulus Act spending by federal, state and local government agencies.  The goal of www.recovery.org is to ensure that small and medium businesses have the same access to RFPs and bids for projects associated with the recovery efforts as larger businesses.  The website is designed to be user friendly, with a map of the United States that can be narrowed down by state and county with the click of a mouse.  Funding can be further filtered by city and project type.

In an interview with GreenBiz, Oneiva’s Chief Information Officer Eric Gillespie noted that the majority of the spending thus far has been in transportation due to the nature of the bill, which allocated 50% of the funds in the first 120 days to “shovel ready” projects.  Gillespie expects to see a larger number of IT, renewable energy, and water projects funded in the coming months.

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