We Welcome Cocoa Cinnamon to the Burt’s Bees Green Plus Durham Food Initiative

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Though  it will be dangerous for our waistlines, we are excited to welcome Cocoa Cinnamon to the Burt’s Bees / Green Plus Food System Consortium in Durham. Foodtrepreneurs Areli Barrera de Grodski and Leon Grodski de Barrera have brought their delicious vision of high quality coffee, chocolate, tea, and wine to the northern edge of downtown Durham. We’re looking forward to hearing their take on small business sustainability, what special challenges and opportunities Durham presents, and how they connect global and local deliciousness. Check out Cocoa Cinnamon on Facebook here, and on Twitter @CocoaCinnamon.

We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable. We’re here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.
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