World Fair Trade Day 2009

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The Fair Trade movement is complex and organic. It has emerged over time and continents through networks of groups and individuals – everyone who stakes a claim to its success is probably right. What you can know for sure is World Fair Trade Day was adopted by the World Fair Trade Organization (formerly IFAT) and its members in 2001 in Arusha, Tanzania, to promote global awareness of Fair Trade. Safia Minney, the founder of PeopleTree and pioneer of Fair Trade Fashion, has played a pivotal role in driving and shaping the global event. And that its roots extend back into Northern Europe and the NEWS network of Worldshops that has been fundamental in underpinning and promoting Fair Trade; creating access to markets on behalf of producers the world over.

World Fair Trade Day has grown into a global festival of Fair Trade with events organized worldwide, on and around the second Saturday of May by members of the World Fair Trade Organization across 70 countries. Events have included Fair Trade breakfasts, talks, markets, live performances, a lift, fashion shows, carnivals, festivals, processions and protests, to drive Fair Trade and campaign for justice in trade and promote sustainable social and environmental policy. 100% Fair Trade organizations and the products and produce of marginalized communities are showcased on the day.

The World Fair Trade Organization was formally established in 1989 and is unique in representing both Southern and Northern Fair Traders across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Pacific Rim. It represents the world’s leading Fair Trade cooperatives, groups and companies, all of which have demonstrated a 100% commitment to Fair Trade. Thw WFTO touches 110million lives and many millions more on World Fair Trade Day. Register an event and watch the Sustainable Economy flourish.

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