Yes! Solar Solutions: For Your Consideration For the Green Plus People’s Choice Award

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Yes! Solar Solutions, a finalist for the Wells Fargo / Wachovia Green Plus Small Business of the Year, is also eligible to win the Green Plus People’s Choice Award.

Yes! Solar Solutions offers homeowners and business owners the power of photovoltaic solar systems that can achieve both energy independence and economic benefits.

In addressing the People aspect of the triple bottom line —

  • Yes! employee benefit program includes 14 paid Holidays plus the week between Christmas and New Years paid time off, free health insurance including dental and vision with no employee contribution, full tuition reimbursement.
  • The company supports several non-profits like the Farmers’ Market and NC GreenPower, and employees regularly volunteer during paid working hours for them.
  • Employees also have two additional paid days per year available for volunteer work of their choice. All volunteer hours, plus cash and in kind donations are tracked. These exceeded 1% of profits for the last year.

On the Planet side of the equation, Yes! Solar Solutions

  • Has a 4.6Kw photovoltaic system on its warehouse roof, producing about 9,000 kWh of electricity per year. With the additional purchase of 4,000 kWh per year of carbon offsets from NC GreenPower, the warehouse is just about carbon neutral.
  • Houses multiple recycle bins in both locations, 75% of paper, plastic and glass recycled, motion sensor faucets, low flow toilets, a hybrid truck, recycled office products and a highly committed team of employees create exceptional environmental practices.


  • Certified Green Plus

The Institute for Sustainable Development

We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable. We’re here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.
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